App architecture matrix

A friend of mine (who also used to be a coder) invited me to participate in this project of his. As i was on vacation i decided to take a chance and took a look. IMHO the code was unnecesary complex, and that lead to a discussion with the other coders. While my friend was also listening he soon found himself lost in the myriad of *DD terms and design patterns stuff. So i sketch this matrix to help him understand the bigger picture. It just happen to be that i found this little tool useful to get a better understanding of any development project. So i thought i share it with you 😉

The matrix is indeed very simple. It only have 3 columns: Application layer, Technology and Patterns. For a classical DDD application it could be something like:


Presentation ASP.Net MVC MVC
Application ASP.Net Web API Application Services
Domain Portable Class Library Aggregate, Entity, Value Object, Repository, Domain Services
Infrastructure WCF, MS SQL 2008, Entity Framework

So there you have it. Am i missing something? What would you add/change/remove? Do you use anything similar? Write your answers in the comments.